At Moneyline Sports, we believe in Math, not Intuition.

Moneyline Sports develops predictive sports analytics and data products for US sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA.

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All the Sportsbooks. All the Odds. All the Offers. One App!

BET WALLET™ is the first mobile sports app granting one-click access to live betting opportunities by integrating with the most reputable sportsbooks in your state

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Buy the player, not the game.

At playbook we are re-imagining fantasy sports. Each week you can buy or short the performance of your favorite athletes like Wall Street markets. Ride or Fade your friends' picks in a single click. It's that simple.

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We are The Bot Behind The Bet

SportstraderAI™ is the first AI driven platform for sports value bets whether you are a fan or professional sports bettor. We believe in the Math NOT Intuition. Using our battle tested SportstraderAI™ algorithm, we search for the best bets across hundreds of sportsbooks so you don’t have to. Our goal is to provide the inside edge that will keep you in profits at the end of each month.

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About Us

We're a team of geeks, professional athletes, venture capital guys and fans that love sports betting and fantasy sports. With over 20 years of tech, professional sports and Wall Street experience, we are now preparing to launch the first professional trading system for sports called SportsTraderAI™ The "Robinhood of Sportsbetting".

Moneyline Sports' mission is to provide sports fans and bettors exceptional data tools to better forecast the outcomes of professional athletic matches. At Moneyline Sports, we believe in the Math, Not Intuition. We have partnered with leading operators and sportsbook platforms working to integrate our AI technology platform for deeper insight across the global sports betting and gaming industry.

Moneyline Sports Inc., a Nevada corporation with its corporate office in New York City, is a leading provider of next generation predictive sports analytics and data products for US sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA.

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